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Bree H, Arizona

I’d like to thank Peter for his professionalism and curiosity in what he does. I’ve been coming to get treatment from Peter a few times now and words cannot describe how different I feel, in the best of ways possible. After each treatment, my mood would elevate and I’d feel like a brand new person. Each treatment made me feel so much better, I trust in Peters ability to identify the problem areas and I have even been amazed of how accurate he can be. I’ve received other treatments from different doctors before and not one has helped me as much as Peter has helped me. It’s truly life changing and I recommend his treatments to anyone who really wants to see results.

Aubrey K., Los Angeles

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Peter Galle. I have been seeing him for about six months now and I can honestly say that I feel like have been given my life back. The work he does is astounding, his commitment to his patients, his kindness, empathy, and caring goes beyond expectations. Thank you doesn't come close to saying how grateful I am.

Tony R., Arizona

If there is an 8th wonder in the world, then that title goes to Peter. I’m so grateful to have been told about him. He truly is an amazing acupuncturist, his technique and skill set are unbeaten. Peter has treated me for different ailments and has healed my physical pain and even helped me with lowering stress levels. His knowledge of the human body, really shows in his professionalism and how understanding he is when explaining an ailment to him. I always leave feeling better and stronger after treatment. I’ve been seeing Peter for about 2 years and he healed my abdominal pain and muscular pain after I exhaustedly tried everything my doctor prescribed. I highly recommend Peter to anyone seeking an alternative to western medicine. It’s an all natural way to heal your body rather than taking medication that may be harmful in the long run. I continue to see Peter periodically or if an issue arises, I know Peter will get to the root of the issue and solve it. He truly does amazing work. You can just feel his passion towards healing people. I will forever be grateful to Peter and how much he’s helped me.

Advanced Classical Acupuncture

I practice a full body acupuncture method based on the oldest Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor's Classic. I have advanced needle skills from my work in anatomy labs. Because of this I am able to treat anywhere on the body with confidence and skill.

Patient Advocate, Up to Date on the Latest Research

I am up to date on the latest research on organ, tissue health, and treatments for various diseases. I am a fully integrated practitioner, able to weave the latest research into meaningful treatments. This allows me to help you navigate complex health issues and make the best decisions for your health. I will never prescribe or recommend something you don't need. 

" I am here to listen to your health and life history deeply so we can arrive to the best treatments for your current health process."

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Herbal Medicine 

Plants are incredible healers when they are of exceptional quality, processed correctly, and prescribed correctly. I source and make all the medicine I prescribe along with my wife Amy at Yin Dew. With a proper diagnosis and exceptional sourcing plants can be an incredible ally in your healing journey.

Conditions I Specialize In

  • Chronic Pain, Complex Pain Conditions, Post Surgical Pain

  • Kidney, Lung, Heart, Liver  Disease

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Headaches 

  • C-Section, Appendix, Liposuction Scar Discomfort 

  • Complex Illnesses 


Erica M, Los Angeles

My experience with Peter Galle has been nothing short of transformational! I have been treated by Peter for several severe issues related to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).
I’ve battled RA for nearly twenty five years, relying on Western medicine to slow down the progression and damage caused by this crippling disease. However, when the effectiveness of the meds wore off this last few years, leaving me with permanent bone damage, knee swelling, and atrophy; I turned to Eastern medicine and Peter Galle. Peter is my HEALER and my HERO!!!! He has helped me through all of my RA issues; taking special care to understand each and every nuance that my body has created. He has taught me so much about my health and wellbeing. Peter is patient and kind, knowledgeable and humble; a truly wonderful human being. There is no one else I would trust to manage complex health issues. Peter has literally saved me!!!

Amy P., Los Angeles

I am so grateful to have found Peter!
I was at the end of my rope with some significant digestive issues. I had tried everything- different diets, food elimination, various healers and practitioners. Peter got to the root of the issue and I am forever grateful! I continue to see Peter periodically to keep my health on track- and when any issue arises. He is truly a deep healer.

Anishika J., Los Angeles

Peter absolutely SAVED MY LIFE and healed injuries/symptoms i was told I'd just have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.... and he did this TWICE, once after a long term injury that prevented me from running, wearing hats, sunglasses or even carry empty boxes without experiencing spinal pain and sharp pain in my head and later he helped me heal from a hit and run car accident.... He KNOWs what he is doing and I trust him with EVERYTHING!!!! I am soooo soooo sooo grateful i found him!!! I can happily say, i have been back to running and leading a normal, painfree existence for 2 years now.... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Thanks for your message, I will return your inquiry within 24-72 hours.


Online Video Consultation/Check In

7 Minutes: $30

15 Minutes: $60

30 Minutes: $120

45 Minutes: $180

60 Minutes: $240

In Person Acupuncture

7 Minutes: --

15 Minutes: --

30 Minutes: $110

45 Minutes: $165

60 Minutes: $220

75 Minutes: $275

90 Minutes: $330

105 Minutes: $385

120 Minutes: $440

At Home Visits:


Professional Consultation

7 Minutes: $30

15 Minutes: $60

30 Minutes: $120

45 Minutes: $180

60 Minutes: $240

6260 Afton Pl, Los Angeles

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