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My name is Peter Galle. I treat people dealing with difficult, chronic illness and I help those without illness adopt ways of being that support their long term health. Here's how I do it:


Full Body Classical Chinese Medicine Practice

My practice is based on the qualitative science of Chinese Medicine, formed by my translation and research of the oldest complete Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic. It is a full body practice, where we explore together the quality of your arterial pulsations, the colors, tension, temperature, and water content of your tissues so we can understand your internal organ health. Then I apply advanced needling and heat therapies to help your body change areas of dysfunction, thereby supporting the health of your internal organs so you can effectively sync with the daily and seasonal changes of our planet.


Clinical Herbalist and Medicine Maker

Plants are incredible healers when they are of exceptional quality, processed correctly, and prescribed correctly. I source and make all the medicine I prescribe along with my wife Amy at Yin Dew. With a proper diagnosis and exceptional sourcing plants can be an incredible ally in your healing journey.


Medical Research and Patient Advocate

I am first and foremost a dedicated patient advocate. I will never prescribe, suggest, or sell you something you do not need. And because I am an ardent medical researcher, I can help you navigate treatment plans given by allopathic, naturopathic, and chiropractic professionals, helping you choose the most beneficial and least harmful path for your short term and long term health. I routinely coach my patients to help them effectively navigate their other medical relationships, providing truly integrative care that puts the patient, not the modality, first.

Peter Galle Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist


There are many ways to work with me whether in person or online. 

Los Angeles In Person Visits

Video Consults

Group Classes

I’d like to thank Peter for his professionalism and curiosity in what he does. I’ve been coming to get treatment from Peter a few times now and words cannot describe how different I feel, in the best of ways possible. After each treatment, my mood would elevate and I’d feel like a brand new person. Each treatment made me feel so much better, I trust in Peters ability to identify the problem areas and I have even been amazed of how accurate he can be. I’ve received other treatments from different doctors before and not one has helped me as much as Peter has helped me. It’s truly life changing and I recommend his treatments to anyone who really wants to see results.

Bree H, Prescott, AZ


441 S Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


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