Theta Healing

A powerful technique

ThetaHealing is designed to work with your deepest beliefs. Through a co-creative process we will work through beliefs that are causing suffering in your life.

How is this important to illness?

Imagine you fall down and scrape your knee one day when outside. You scab your knee and you don't think about it again. You recover well and never think about it again.

No imagine you get an asthma attack and you are hiking, away from anyone else. You feel scared, alone, and that you are 'weak' because you can't take care of yourself. You find your inhaler in your backpack, use it, and the attack goes away. However forever after this you associate an asthma attack with being weak and alone.

These two events are different because of the charge of a belief system. This belief about being weak or alone now sits within you and can affect many choices in your life.

Theta is the process of uncovering these beliefs related to illness and clearing them. It is a powerful ally to the healing process.