What prevents us from shining our unique light?


How can you change?

When we are born we fold the events of the world into our body. The year, our family, the place of birth. As we grow our experiences, what we eat, where we live, traumas, joys, are also folded into our tissue and formulate the way we see the world.

Each event, each year, is held in the body like the rings of a tree. And we express these beliefs in the structure of our body when we make each cell, when we think or speak each thought. But you are not fated to live by the past. Awareness of beliefs

Medical BaZi, Food Therapy and Herbal soups, Theta Healing, and Tissue rehabilitation acupuncture are powerful modalities of healing that work through nourishment, structural change, and belief system transformation. Each of these modalities creates powerful awareness and transformation in treatment.