from Atomic Verses

I've included a few facsimiles of the first drafts to show the initial creative outpouring and the winding journey to completion that sometimes takes years. Visit my patreon page for access to all my poetry.




And soon time will etch away

All perceived defeats and victories.

It is a comfort not felt usually

Rather makes fear and honest search for meaning.


The tired scripture on the wall

Lies broken upon the lethal landscape

And all my deeds fall lovingly back

Into the anonymity from whence they came.


What can make but fear?

What can make but thought

Of pain or love once close

Already achingly away?


Floors, ceilings, float into days

And the Pale Rider, á la bible

Mounts his horse of course

And we weep like pale shades


While I walk the aisles of fine Italian wool

Contemplate my youth

Write poems, think of life beyond stars

And the world without my name.

Facsimile  Hourglass   1

Facsimile Hourglass  1

Facsimile  Hourglass   3

Facsimile Hourglass  3

Ah! The return of my long love of Solitude!

Built strong by my years of refusal.

Facsimile  Hourglass   2

Facsimile Hourglass  2

A Child In Time



As a child

I waited

For a home

In time

As a child

I waited

For a promise

On life

For life

To be


That hope

Comes round

Only once

A life

Or so we say

Then time

Makes time




Of decay

To a hole

Or flame

We burst

Or sink

Let darkness


Let flame


What else

We must leave



After an Article on Darfur

When I hear Abdulkarim—

kept alive because pregnant

raped twenty times

marked as a slave with two slashes above the thigh

entire family except her

and a six year old babe gurgling death breaths

on the dirt by her ravaged body

(torn vagina, mouth, broken hands, frayed)—

I see it in an almost comic trailer for a film

Lion King, Enya, slow-mo explosion

night-time raid


straw huts

recorded screams

the rape and murder either quick

or alluded to off screen to pass the sensors at Disney

and the story continues along a Hollywood plot line


explosive finale



ancient Attic tragedy

Oscars spilling out of Rolls Royce’s

celebrities crying and grinning ear to ear

until their faces split open

the unutterable vault of my heart unfazed

because I am too fragile

too faltering at a fast declining brink

to hold steady her real image

sitting in a refugee camp

baby bouncing on her lap

the only ones left alive

unable to heal

only speak

hoping the tale will this one time be

about someone else

then honest thought

wishing on heel of shame

that like those hallowed SEALs

who dive upon the grenade

she could take it all

her frame

the final resting place

of every scream and horror repressed

by power by will by might alone

she’d encompass all the blood and broken bone there ever was


until it blew her to bits

and the black deeds now

of a non-embodied consequence

could once

and for all

float far away.  

Facsimile  Youth   2

Facsimile Youth  2

Facsimile  A Child in Time   1

Facsimile A Child in Time  1

The creation of A Child in Time begins with Hourglass (seen in picture 2 above) as it was a discovery after work on the latter.