I currently study Classical and Modern Chinese Medicine at two schools: Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA, and the Xinglin Institute in Portland, OR.

I began my study of Chinese medicine in 2015. My focus on the classics comes from a deep honor and recognition of the sensitive and complex nature of traditional medicines. The contemporary attitude about our ancestors is that they were backward or primitive. A concentrated study of classical texts will reveal how incorrect his perception is; classical texts provide a far more accurate understanding of the body's processes than current Western Models.

I begin intense training in the Classical Herbal Text, Shanghan Lun, this summer, to round out my modern clinical training. I will graduate in December of 2018.

My formal training of poetry began at the College of Charleston where I studied traditional authors and forms with a passionate intensity. After graduating with degrees in English and Philosophy I traveled to India to delve deeper into Asian Philosophy. This is recounted in my travel blog here. A year later I finished my first book of poetry, Atomic Verses. I am currently working on my second book of poetry, Asphodel, as well as The Man In Question, a novel. I currently live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife, Amy. We practice Kundalini yoga together in the pre-dawn hours. Her love and this consistent practice have profoundly changed my life.