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內經NèiJīng Acupuncture


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My Teacher


Edward Neal MD, LAc.

This ground breaking research into these powerful techniques from the Chinese Medical Classics is due to Dr. Edward Neal.

A story of the universe inspiring revolutionary medical treatment

內經Nèijīng Acupuncture is an advanced medicine that requires a great degree of skill and precision. It involves attempting to see all of the events of a patient’s life and understand where and what happened that shifted the person away from health to disease. This acupuncture was rediscovered from recent research into the Chinese medical classic HuángDìNèiJīng 黃帝內經.

Why do we get sick? What is illness? What is health? What is the meaning of life? What is my role in relationship to the cosmos?

The 內經Nèijīng tells us that understanding our permeable relation to our local environment and the phenomenon of our consciousness within the fabric of the cosmos is integral to answering the above questions. Critically, each of these answers carries direct clinical value for the 內經Nèijīng Physician when treating illness.

Why do we get sick? Simply, when something that is not of you comes to reside within you. These foreign ‘guests’ can come from environmental weather patterns (cold, damp, heat), noxious chemical exposure (organophosphates, cisplatin, anesthesia), irregularities in eating and drinking (alcohol consumption, improper food, lack of food, overeating), traumatic events (sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, death of a loved one, violent attacks), genetic or ancestral memories, traumatic injuries or surgeries (appendix, spinal fusions, car accidents), and ideologies, thoughts, and stories from known and unknown origins.

We call these events that change the life of a patient in a detrimental way, ‘inflection points’, where after ‘nothing was ever the same’. It is the goal of the 內經Nèijīng Physician to understand and treat these events in the tissues of the body so you can circulate in harmony with the rhythms of your local environment and the cosmos.

A Biomedical Hypothesis

By using a needle to create the phenomenon of  angiogenesis we change diseased areas of connective tissue that have accrued metabolites. In this way the 'metabolic deadzones' of the body are broken and new capillary creation supplants the inefficient previous blood exchange. Metabolites and PH dynamic balance can be restored and the body can return to a dynamic homeostatic response that is no longer hindered by the 'dead zone' in the connective tissue.

Peter Galle, LAc. Dipl Ac. & C.H. MTOM

Training:   Nejing Advanced Needling, Neijing Advanced Clinical Training, Neijing Year 1 2016-17, 2018-19, Teaching Assistant 2019-20    Emperor’s College, Summa Cum Laude, 2014-2018

Training: Nejing Advanced Needling, Neijing Advanced Clinical Training, Neijing Year 1 2016-17, 2018-19, Teaching Assistant 2019-20

Emperor’s College, Summa Cum Laude, 2014-2018

It was my goal to be able to comfortably address serious illnesses and handle the responsibility effectively. I found a mentor that showed me the foundations of Chinese Medicine and the true rigor of a physician-level practice.

I hope one day that medicine integrates the emerging wisdom of Physical Biology and Chinese Medical Philosophy to fully apply a medical theory that is 4 dimensional-Structure and physiology as it moves through time.




Rate is $200 an hour.

Initial treatments vary from 2 hours in length to 1 hour, depending upon medical complexity.

A pain condition that is acute without prior hospitalizations, broken bones, surgeries, or emotional trauma is considered ‘low complexity’.

Chronic conditions with multiple illness events are considered high complexity.

Subsequent Treatments vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the work to be performed.

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home health

If you require care at your home a flat fee of $500 plus additional time for travel costs applies. Patient will be required to purchase their own massage table if multiple treatments are required.

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