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內經 Nèijīng Acupuncture


內經NèiJīng Acupuncture


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Edward Neal MD

This ground breaking research into these powerful techniques from the Chinese Medical Classics is due to Dr. Edward Neal.

A story of the universe inspiring revolutionary medical treatment

內經Nèijīng Acupuncture is an advanced medicine that requires a greater degree of skill and precision than point-based acupuncture. This acupuncture was rediscovered from recent research into the Chinese Medical classic HuángDìNèiJīng 黃帝內經.

The goal is to restore proper circulation to tissue that is no longer receiving proper circulation. In doing so the circulation pathways of the organism can move unobstructed. Nèijīng Classical Acupuncture is a powerful tool that shifts the structure of the body and can change your life.

Improper circulation can occur from tissue damage, environmental exposure, lifestyle experiences and emotional events that are stuck in the tissues of the body.

This medicine is for recalcitrant issues that are not responding to typical care.

  • Pre and Post Surgical Preparation and Rehabilitation

  • Trauma, physical and emotional

  • Gastrointestinal issues

  • Cardiac diseases

  • Disorders of the skin

  • Chronic Pain

  • Side Effects from Chemical Exposure, Anesthesia, and Chemotheraphy

A Biomedical Hypothesis

By using a needle to create the phenomenon of  angiogenesis and fascia reconstruction, we open diseased areas of connective tissue that have accrued metabolites and created changes in PH and temperature in the body. In this way the 'metabolic deadzones' of the body are broken and new capillary creation supplants the inefficient peripheral blood exchange. Metabolites and PH balance can be restored and the body can return to a dynamic homeostatic response that is no longer hindered by the 'dead zone' in the connective tissue.



Peter Galle, MTOM Dipl Ac. & C.H.

Training:   Nejing Advanced Needling, Neijing Advanced Clinical Training, Neijing Year 1 2016-17, 2018-19, Teacher Trainee 2019-20    Emperor’s College 2014-2018

Training: Nejing Advanced Needling, Neijing Advanced Clinical Training, Neijing Year 1 2016-17, 2018-19, Teacher Trainee 2019-20

Emperor’s College 2014-2018

My journey as a practitioner of Acupuncture has been full of disappointment and ultimately joy. I was dissatisfied in school at the lack of training and professionalism that are the current standard. So I looked elsewhere for my clinical training and technique. It was my goal to be able to comfortably address serious illnesses and handle the responsibility effectively. I found a mentor that showed me the foundations of Chinese Medicine and the true rigor of a physician-level practice.

I am inspired by the HuángDìNèiJīng 黃帝內經, Edward Neal MD, Jean Luc Guillembaertau MD, Theron Randolph MD, William Rea MD, Kalpana Patel MD, Arthur Guyton MD, Alfred Pischinger MD, and Peter Wolynes MD.

I hope one day that medicine integrates the emerging wisdom of Physical Biology and Chinese Medical Philosophy to fully apply a medical theory that is 4 dimensional-Structure and physiology as it moves through time for object and subject.




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